Self Titled

by Message Received

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Debut "Self Titled" Album by Message Received, recorded at our studio in Brattleboro, VT. Message Received plays a mix of genres, with post-hardcore roots, that range from indie-rock and prog-rock to punk and metal.

"Self Titled" started out as a Zombie themed album but some of the lyrics were changed to make it a little more subtle. The album opens with the struggle of everyday life, the desire to be something better than you are and self-medicating. Then after the Apocalypse, it moves on to regaining strength, fighting the undead and protecting those who need protecting.


released January 1, 2010

Benjamin Zeman - Guitar and Vocals
Carson Arnold - Drums




Message Received Brattleboro, Vermont

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Track Name: Fifty and Nine
Fifty and Nine Lyrics:

You've got fifty dollars
You're smiling, You're holding
You're going down to the
Liquor store to buy a bottle
He’ll give you anything
You want it, you got it
Then you can wash away
All of your thoughts and your pain
Oh the shame

You’ve got not control
You lost it, you want it
Not gonna find it down
In the bottom of a bottle
I know that things get worse
She took the house and kids
She left you out in the rain
Oh the shame

Didn’t your mom tell you when
You get dealt a hand
That you just can’t win
Pick up your head and go

Now you think about
All the things that you wanted
It wasn’t supposed to be
Quite like this
Now was it?
Working fifty hours
Still got empty pockets
And everyday?
Well it feels like it’s the same
Oh the shame

Driving fifty miles
Everyday just to get a
Paycheck to pay
For the car that you live in
No wonder you
Drown away all your sorrows
I bet you are so
Sick of playing the game
Oh the shame

Didn’t your mom tell you when
You get dealt a hand
That you just can’t win
Pick up your head and go

Have you ever wanted to be
Someone else instead?

So just keep screaming
Oh, Oh God! Please save me…
Track Name: Designed For Dying
Designed for Dying Lyrics:

I want a way to listen
To the crystalline
All pressure builds up
To destruction
We weave patterns
In the sublime
Transformative structures
Encased in the temporal mind
Release to stop the friction
Of neuro-somatic lines, re-wired
Resolute prophets
Of the third eye
Apocalyptic translucent lies
Revealing the structures
Ensnared to the end of our time

Calloused hands tremble to hold
The things we had when we were young
Seventy years gone by, did you try?
Did you find, love, love, love?

They say, “you’re consciousness,
It stops at your body.”
But I know better still
Because I crossed the line
You don’t have to wait until you die
To see what’s on the, the other side

So leave behind the illusions of what we are
We don’t know what its like
But we could if we try, so try
Track Name: Chemical Life
Chemical Life Lyrics:

All the children, they’re medicated
We’re the Rx Generation
Boom Bop it begins, we don’t have to feel a thing

Go on place your labels on all of us, all of us
I can’t keep my focus on anything, anything
She feels a little bit depressed, every Winter
He felt devastated, when she dumped him for
The boy next door, so give him his medicine
Take one more pill, choke it down
And you’ll feel better son.

Go on, grow up, way too fast now
Turn off all the things that make you feel sad so
You don’t ever have to feel hurt or alone, again
You don’t have to feel a thing

Welcome to the chemical life
Track Name: I Didn't Want To Go
I Didn’t Want To Go Lyrics:

You know you must be tough my child
I know you must be oh so tired
But wrap your head around this my dear
If you can hold on, you’re in the clear
I know you couldn’t take a breath cuz
You don’t know what is left
To live for or die for, so won’t you…

Stop waiting, you must be crazy
You will sleep safely
But I’m not coming, no
I’m not coming home

My sweet Josephine, my daughter
You are so, strong and beautiful
My dearest Daniel, take care of your mother
I will miss you all, I will

I didn’t want to go, but it was
The best thing to do, to save you
Track Name: Dark Passenger
Dark Passenger Lyrics:

Unveil all the evidence
Show me a way to make sense of this
I can see the violence in their eyes
The broken heart of a lonely child
Saw his parents die when he was five
But he was left alive
I met him when I was twenty three
We have the same dark, dark dreams
When we were young
Want to clean up the streets of the city
Want to make it safe for all the children in it
So cloaked in night
We’ll put the dead in their graves

Its time to talk about mission control
Its time to walk the walk, I know it sounds absurd
But we’ll climb into the depths of hell
Until we find the source of it all
And we’ll reverse the spell

The skies are painted dirty grey
Its their time to fade away
We’ll give our lives to save the day
Vanquish the dead back to their graves

Its time to talk about this dirty operation
Its time to let it out, any reservations?
We are the vigilant
We are justice in action
We are the last defense
From the violent, the violent
The violent, the violence

The skies are painted dirty grey
Its their time to fade away
We’ll give our lives to save the day
Vanquish the dead back to their graves

My dark passenger whispers
“Tonight will be the night.”
Track Name: The Tongue and the Whisper
The Tongue and the Whisper Lyrics:

You were the Tongue and I was the Whisper
You preached the Word, I drank the wine
You had a way with all the believers
I don’t believe your kind, oh preacher

Woah, Preacher, you’re getting it wrong

Time is a fraud, not a frame or a picture
Time is a gun that kills
We have no time for this game of tradition
You have lost your will
We are all born from the blood and the violence
Its all we know
Silence the lies from the crowned benediction
They have no right to say
That God is on his way

Woah, Preacher, you’re getting it wrong

Jesus take me home
You’ve been stuck in first with your blinders on
You’ve been preaching only the same old song
Waiting for the day but the day won’t come
Singing, “Rapture take me home.”

Woah, Preacher, you’re getting it wrong
Track Name: The Center of Will
The Center of Will Lyrics:

I saw pretty lights
I saw them when I died
Welcome to the center of will

What a life we live
It’s a crazy trip
Use up the time we got
Then we die alone

But that doesn’t mean
we can’t have some fun
So come on, come on

Welcome the center of will
Track Name: Don't You Worry
Don’t You Worry Lyrics:

We’re up to our necks, in the blood of the fallen
But we’ll have to wait, our eyes are all swollen
These arms are like snakes, our backs are so broken
If you can’t go on, you can turn back around
But that’s not what you want, now is it?

If you can’t make it on your own
Don’t you worry
I will carry you home

You’re probably without
Grace in your head
That’s why you walk around
Like the living dead
You’re probably without grace
That’s why you scream and shout
I’d rather be, someone else, instead…

If you can’t make it on your own
Don’t you worry
I will carry you home